How To Build a Porch

To make your Backyard Patio more fascinating and appealing, you can opt to build a porch. A porch is not difficult to build. You can all a carpenter for building a porch and you can also done it by your own. You just have to gather all the tolls mandatory in building up a porch.

Porch is like a relaxing place in your Backyard Patio. You can sit under it in a hot summer for getting relaxed and for winding up with the air rushing in the crowded trees. Moreover, a Backyard Patio is also be good point for spending time with your loved ones or in the memories of loved ones.

Mandatory material for building up a porch:

Here is a list of some mandatory material that you ought to require for building up a porch:

  • 4 wood post stock
  • board for the deck
  • cement
  • water
  • sand
  • footing clamps
  • pointed nails
  • screws
  • base tubes

Some of the necessarily tools for building up a porch:

Some tools are mandatory to have in order to build up a flawless porch at Backyard Patio. The list of such tools embrace:

  • a drill for digging holes
  • saw
  • measuring tape in order to make exact measurements
  • chalk – that can be used for drawing lines before making cutes
  • wheelbarrow
  • hammer – for fixing nails and all stuffs
  • gloves – for protecting your hands from any sort of damage
  • pen – as mandatory for keeping record of measurement
  • copy
  • shovel

All above are the necessary tools for building up a porch in your Backyard Patio.

What are the basic steps in constructing a porch?

You need to follow some systematic steps in order build perfect porch at your Backyard Patio.

Some of the basic steps may embrace:

Locating a place:

For sure choosing the place for erecting porch is the very first step. You ought to choose a place that is out of noise and out of way if you want some relaxing porch. But you can also build at attic of your home or In front of Veranda if you want to get rid of rain water leakages. Yu can also build a porch in the entrance points of your home.

Dig 4 inches holes for footing:

If you want to erect our porch reliably, then do make 4 inches deep holes.

Ratio of sand and cement in building porch:

Once you have decided the location, you ought to mix up the sand and cement in an equal ratio for building up the footing on which you would adhere the porch.

  • Add 1 part sand
  • 3 part cement
  • And mix them perfectly.

Install foundation and ledger board:

After making holes, you can erect foundation and edger over them. The foundations will come in the holes while edges will be erected out of the hole.

Install decking boards:

After erecting edges and foundations, put a decking board in order to give a shelter.

Building a porch is not a hard task. You can erect a porch either in lawn maintenance or in Backyard Patio reliably by following the above steps.


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